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At Browgaldd, Orange County Microblading & Ombre Powder Brows, we specialize in designing beautiful and flattering eyebrows and lips for you. Not only do we specialize in permanent make up, but we have a loyal client base too!
So come along and be our new bestie!
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Here are a few different styles of permanent makeup eyebrows I offer!
Ombre Powder
Ombre powder brows are a semi permanent eyebrow styling technique and are gorgeous for creating a soft shaded brow pencil look.  What is fab about ombre powder brows is that they can last from two to five years and are achieved using a machine making it suitable on all skin types! Ombre powder brows enhance natural beauty and will provide you with stunning natural defined brows.

Microblading is a style of eyebrow architecture that consists ofa blade creating fine hairlike strokes on the surface of the skin. Pigment is implanted into the skin which creates a natural flow of eyebrows. Microblading is best suited on normal/dry skin and clients with natural hair flow.

Microblading Combo and Microshading Combo Brows
The best of both worlds as we pair microblading techniques with machine techniques. Combo brows are my most popular and my favorite services!Combo brows can be natural or bold depending on your unique style!

Still unsure of which service is best for you?
Don’t worry! I provide complimentary consultations over the phone and email!

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new set
$100 Deposit

Remainder Balance Due at Time of Appointment

$100 Deposit

Remainder Balance Due at Time of Appointment

touch up
$100 Deposit

Remainder Balance Due at Time of Appointment

$55 Total*

*This consultation fee does not apply to the actual service cost.

lip lush
$100 Deposit

Remainder Balance Due at Time of Appointment

lip lush touch up
$50 Deposit

Remainder Balance Due at Time of Appointment

1:1 PMU Brow Training
$500 Deposit

Agreed upon balance due before start of class

1:1 Advanced Training
$500 Deposit

Agreed upon balance due before start of class

Still unsure what to expect?
Visit my FAQ's page for more information.
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Sign up for a training course and become a certified artist from my private 1:1 course!

Each includes hands on training, 1 live model, premium kit with all my personal favorite supplies, artist certificate, support
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services provided

Microblading Combo pairs crispy hair-like strokes with soft powdery machine shading! This look is perfect for those looking for an in between make up and natural look!
Microshading is my favorite service because it pairs both crispy microblading hair strokes as well as a clean and defined shaded body! This service can be done for a natural or bold look!
Ombre Powder
Ombre powder brows gives a beautiful, clean, and defined look! Brows are darker at the tail and gradually fade softer as it heads towards the front of the brow! This service can be done for as a natural or bold look!  Best for mature and oily skin!
new set
Had your brows done elsewhere and need a correction or foreign touch up? Send us photos of your bare brows in good lighting to be approved before booking an appointment

1:1 private trainings are available!

weekly tiger tips

check in weekly for fun and educational brow tips
If you are paying $400-600+ for your eyebrows, the best thing you can do for your investment is listen to the pre care and after care instructions! There is a reason why every artist tells you not to drink caffeine/alcohol before your appointment! It’s to help you get the best results as possible. If you are ignoring those instructions, you’re jeopardizing your own results! Alcohol and Caffeine (coffee, energy drinks, tea, fat burners, etc) will thin your blood and cause you to bleed more. Bleeding pushes out all the pigment we are trying to put into your skin. It’s not only time consuming and difficult for the artist , it can also give you bad and undesirable results.

Now go get ‘em (brows), tiger!



Emily Tran

I discovered Brow Gal DD on Insta and made an appointment with her immediately. Her work is so natural and clean. This was my first time getting my eyebrows professionally done (I've only done threading before), and I am so happy with the results/experience. Diana is incredibly welcoming, kind, and understanding. AND SHE IS SO GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES. She asked a lot of questions and took her time to map out my brows/face. She always made sure I was comfortable. She is very meticulous and thoughtful about her work and genuinely cares about her clients and craft. She still consistently checks up on me and my brows. I recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled brow artist in the OC area.

Nancy Wildeman

I’ve been looking to do my brows for a while already, I looked into several on them on IG, I came across Brow Gal DD thanks to my friend. She got hers done by her and told me she was great! I looked into her IG and got a good vibe about this place. I loved the fact that I reached out to her with a lot of questions and she answered all of them without hesitation and even recommended what she thought would look good for for my brows. Every time I had a question she would reply right away. She put my mind at ease as I was very nervous about getting them done. The day of my appointment I met this outstanding brow artist, she’s great on what she does, she’s very detailed and a perfectionist, her place is spotless clean and smells so good. I loved the way my brows came out, the shape and color are perfect. If your looking for a brow place to go this is the place. You will love this girl. She’s amazing!

Pauline Tsang

I finally decided to have my eyebrows done and chose DD to do my eyebrows since my sister highly recommended and she was right! Diana was very patient and listened to my concerns.  She made sure that I was fully satisfied with the shape and everything before she starts.  My eyebrows turned out great and I can’t wait to get my touch up.  I highly recommend her!

Jade Berniard

Diana did a wonderful job with my brows! It took me a long time to finally decide to get my eyebrows done but now that they are done, I love them! Diana is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She makes sure that you absolutely and positively like your brows before she starts microblading. I feel so much freedom now that I don’t have to do my brows every morning! Love it!

Tanya Heathcoat

DD was amazing from start to finish. She took her time mapping my brows and during the procedure. She went over every step with me through the entire process. She is down to earth and made me feel comfortable. The procedure was painless and I would highly recommend her. I have had many compliments from friends, family, and strangers. She definitely brings her A game to the table. If you are looking to enhance your beauty, she is your girl. Thank you, I love them!!!!!

Top 3 reasons to get your brows done!

1. Convenience
One of the best reasons to consider getting permanent makeup eyebrows is the time that it saves when it comes to getting ready in the morning and removing makeup at night. We know you’re too busy to worry about filling in your eyebrows before work. Having your eyebrows already filled in and looking great gives you one less thing to think about. Permanent makeup eyebrows will also save you money that would be spent on eyebrow makeup products as they do not have to repurchase eyebrow pencils which is a win win.

2. Smudge Proof
Unlike regular eyebrow makeup products permanent eyebrows are smudge proof and will withstand elements such as water and sweat. This makes them perfect for everyday life such as going to the gym for a workout or competing in competitive s ports as you can be rest assured that your eyebrows will remain looking great!

3. Asymmetry
Permanent eyebrows are excellent at helping to define the face and facial features. We know the struggle to achieve perfectly even eyebrows using products such as eyebrow pens. Often perfectly shaped eyebrows can also help to make you look more youthful as they open up the eyes and create a fresh symmetrical appearance. Think of it like a cheap effective face lift!

So what are you waiting for?! It’s 2022 and you deserve the pretty eyebrows Head on down to us in Orange County for an eyebrow glow up that will last!

about me

Hello, my name is Diana, AKA DD! I am the owner and founder of Brow Gal DD Orange County Microblading & Ombre Powder Brows! I have been in the permanent make up industry since 2018 and have done over one thousand procedures. There is no better feeling than knowing that I get to help people feel pretty and confident every day!

Thank you to all my clients and students for trusting me, confiding in me, and choosing me as your brows & lip artist & trainer! And to my future clients and students, I look forward to meeting you and being your brow bestie, forever!

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